We guarantee standards of operational excellence by adapting to the local challenges faced by public authorities. Security, cleanliness, maintenance… we use our experience and expertise to optimise customer experience within our car parks by offering high-quality services.


Services tailor-made for our clients

We operate in all market segments, offer our clients tailor-made services, and work with all types of contract models. A global player with local roots, we meet your needs by providing human resources and technology developed specially to meet the challenges of each individual project.

Attractive car parks, maintained daily

We believe it is very important to keep car parks clean. Indigo agents, or service providers carefully selected to meet strict requirements, work daily to ensure cleanliness. Our maintenance teams are specially trained to maintain equipment and ensure it is in good working order. Inspections are carried out regularly, including by mystery inspectors, in order to ensure that high standards continue to be met.

Expert in client relations

The services we offer are constantly being improved. We make use of all contact channels, establishing protocols specially adapted to each one, and develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our customer service team responds attentively to all inquiries (by telephone, through social media networks, our website or by email). With our national remote operation centres and our Connecpark™ service, we provide a connected parking service that follows the whole customer journey, including touchpoints and assistance. Find out more about our Connecpark™ service.

Safety: an essential aspect of car parks

It is vitally important to ensure customer safety, so provide pedestrian access restrictions, surveillance cameras and  remote operation systems available 24 hours a day. Our operations teams are trained to prevent and manage risks.