We have been pioneers in the concession model for 50 years. We invest in infrastructure alongside communities, offering our advice and expertise in designing, constructing, renovating and financing parking facilities in a way that enhances urban heritage and benefits local residents.

We work on all types of car park projects, meeting high standards for respecting sites, their surrounding areas and the people who live nearby.

Our expertise includes building sites in complex areas, particularly in historic districts where site conservation requirements necessitate the use of specific techniques.

We carry out an in-depth study of the needs of all the stakeholders of every car park construction site, including local residents, , retailers, professionals, administrative bodies and other stakeholders. We also work closely with local authorities when studying how to integrate car parks into sites.

Financial advice

We can secure financing for all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to a robust, healthy financial structure supported by consistent cash-flow.

Experts in the design and implementation of construction projects

Indigo has tried-and-tested expertise and experience in design engineering and construction. Thanks to our technical departments and our teams of experienced engineers in each of the countries we work in, we can oversee building projects from start to finish, adapting flexibly to different clients and the requirements of each project. We collaborate with architects, outside firms and consultants, and coordinate with project managers to ensure consistent supervision of building sites and operations.